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The end of the road for the vexing ’13/14 Pacers


Whoever wrote this nailed it!

Originally posted on NBA Observer:


Mercifully, the Indiana Pacers’ season came to an end last night as the Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year.

The 2013/14 Pacers will go down as one of the most perplexing, frustrating and disappointing teams in NBA history: a team that began the regular season 33-7 and ended it losing 13 of 21 games; a No. 1 seed that nearly lost in the first round to a 38-44 team missing its best player and was finally blown out by 25 points in their final game of the season.

They became frankly unbearable over recent weeks and months. Let us celebrate them no longer being in our lives.

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Lances’ trix for Game 6

As I accurately predicted in my last blog prior to Game 5 I half way expect Indiana to win Game 6 tonight and set up a Prime Time Sunday night Game 7 extravaganza with King James rescuing the Heat from the clinches of defeat.

Lance Stephenson is the perfect villain.  And who doesn’t love a Good vs. Evil Action Adventure Season Finale?

Paul Goerge’s body language and the tone in his voice lead me to believe that even he had knowledge of the choreographed performance of Game 5, and played his role.

Yes, he did score 37 as he was due, but you can just tell that he knew Indy got lucky and was the beneficiary of some calls all of which lead James to the bench giving the Pacers an advantage inevitably lengthening the series for at least another Episode.

Let’s for a moment consider that these athletic competitions are completely organic and not corporately influenced.

Its obvious that LeBron and more especially, Dwayne Wade think that Lance Stephenson is a joke.

In their minds he has no business bucking up to them.

With 10 plus All Star appearances, 4 Championships, and countless endorsements between the 2, Stephenson’s ignorant antics do not have a leg to stand on.

That’s why the majority of Pacer Fans love him.

Myself included ten fold.

Unlike Paul George who is clearly in Awe of Bron Bron.

Stephenson knows James and Wade don’t respect him, and he doesn’t give a damn.

He will do whatever it takes to beat their asses and take them out of their game.

I don’t get the feeling he gives a shit about being their friends and hanging out with them at the next All Star break.

In fact the feeling is probably mutual.

Lance probably doesn’t respect the covers of GQ the pair have appeared on or their squeaky clean image.

He is keeping it real.

Unfortunately  just like Dave Chappelle said.

In the end Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.


Die Hard Pacer fans can find some comfort in this stat.heat-vs-pacers

Its about the only factoid one can pull optimism from going into Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals if you are rooting for Indiana.

Unfortunately, Miami is also undefeated this post season when their opponent is facing elimination.

But lets not loose sight of the Big Picture here.

The corporation putting on this production is in business to make as much money as possible.

With 3 of the smallest markets in the NBA advancing to their Conference Finals the Association needs to squeeze as much as they can out of these series.

The only way to maximize profit in both of these series is to go 7 Games, with the 2 MVP candidates and Marquee Super Stars meeting in the Finals.

(Lebron James vs. Kevin Durant is you need it spelled out)






Everything is going according to plan in the West with OKC evening up the series at 2 games a piece.

The drama has been building for years in the East and the script is written for the Pacers to go on a run to force a Game 7 in Indiana.

It starts tonight with Indiana’s primere player finally having a signature game, threatening King James’ throne.

Look for Indy to have the same kind of “home cooking’ from the refs as Miami had in Game 4, and for Paul George to have a 30 plus point game.


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By George you are soooo WRONG

It was blatantly obvious that officiating was one sided in Game 4.

The Heat had twice the free throw attempts the Pacers had.

But contrary to Paul George’s post game comments, the refs “home cooking” was NOT the biggest difference in the game.BadGoerge

(I would like to add that the offensive foul called on Lance as he scored on Wade in the 3rd was total BS and highlights the officiating performance last night)

Despite the referee’s role Miami had 20pts off Indy turnovers. (Heat won by 12)

Paul George contributed 5 of those turnovers.

If you cut those turnovers in half its a completely different game.

There were also a few defensive lapses by Indiana, pointed out by Jeff Van Gundy on the ESPN broadcast, that were just flat out unacceptable.

You can not expect to beat a team with 3 Hall of Famers by giving them the ball and letting them score.

I am still fuming about Game’s 2 & 3.

If George could have shot 40% from the floor and 90% from the line, as should be standard operating procedure for a $100 million dollar player, the Pacers would be up 3-1 right now.

Paul George, his Coach Frank Vogel, and the rest of the Pacers have no one to blame but themselves for the hole they have dug for themselves.

The 6 straight turnovers that directly contributed to Indy blowing their 15pts lead in Game 3 were sloppy and bush league.

For real they looked like the JV squad getting school’d by the Varsity.

Don’t ask me how Haslem and Anderson are out muscling our front line.

Or how Ray Allen is defending the younger, taller and more athletic Paul George, but its happening.Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers - Game Five

It’s why the Pacers are down 3-1 and about to be eliminated.

A little home cooking has little to do with it.

A REAL championship team would have figured out a way to be up 3-1.

Oh yeah!

I guess they have.




Thankfully Vogel has realized Evan Turner is worthless and has replaced him with Rasual Butler who was the most prolific contributor off the bench in Game 2.

Turner may get more playing time Game 3 depending upon how much Paul George plays with his concussion issue.

The thought of that scares the hell out of me.Evan+Turner+Indiana+Pacers+v+Atlanta+Hawks+waTOZcXJ2SDl

Lebron will use that tool like a tampon.

Scola, Watson, and Mahinmi have become the standard bench rotation with Luis and CJ averaging a whomping 6pts a game in the playoffs this season.

Mahinmi is adding a hair more then 1 point per game and 2 boards a game this post season.

Scola and Watson were a combined 1-10 from the field in 24 minutes in Game 2.

You don’t have to be a math scholar to calculate that if those 3 clowns could have mustard up 3 buckets, Indiana would have taken a 2-0 lead in the series.

To put it into perspective Norris Cole’s 11pts were 2 more then the entire Pacers bench combined.

The Pacers were -13 with CJ Watson on the floor for God’s sake.

I had nightmares of Watson missing a layup in the 3rd and Scola missing all 5 of his wide ass open 12 foot jumpers he bricked.

Side note, Luis Scola looks flat out scared when he gets the ball in his hands.

Its like he has realized how much ass he now sucks.

With potentially less Paul George and more Evan Turner, Game 3 in Miami could get real ugly.



As paying customer to Direct TV’s NBA League pass and watching close to 87% of Pacers games this season I have the authority to proclaim that Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals was the best all around performance by the Indiana starters all season.

Two things that standout to me was that it appeared as if Lance Stephenson primarily ran the point.

George Hill is best as a two guard.

Almost equally important no Evan Turner.

Indy is 3-0 in the Playoffs when Turner does not play.

Strep Throat is what prevented Evan from dressing on Sunday and unfortunately for Pacers fans it looks as if he will be back on the bench for Game 2.

Despite this bad omen, Pacer Nation can breath a little easier with the knowledge of a Secret antidote to Evan Turner’s bad vibes discovered by Official Mouth Piece Pacers/Colts.

In the middle of the first half I realized that I was nervously massaging this whale’s tale that mysteriously appeared in my right

Upon this realization I put the broken toy on the end table.

A Pacers mini scoring drought quickly ensued.

In desperation to stop the bleeding I grabbed the broken off whale’s tale again to settle the vibrations in Indiana’s favor.

It did so.

After a trip to the restroom in the 3rd the Precious charm slipped from my grasp again.

Again another Heat run.

Luckily the magical piece was not lost forever in the abyss of my master bathroom.

It was quickly rebounded.

As did Indiana’s productive play.

You are welcome Pacer Nation.

For everyone who thinks I am crazy how else can you explain that magical performance in Game 1?

Especially with how shitty Indy has looked over the past couple of months.

Do not worry Pacer fans!

The Secret Weapon will be firmly in my right palm from the opening tip to final buzzer.







I’m not going to lie.

Watching this video this morning gave me goose bumps.



The play intoxicated me with the thoughts of a young pup from my beloved Indiana Pacers dethroning King James and the Miami Heat.

Looking back at it in retrospect.

The appearance of worship that George has for James infuriates me.

Subconsciously programming himself to play second fiddle to Bron Bron.

Who knows what Lebron said to Paul in this sequence to prompt George to backtrack and dap him up?George&James

But it would have been a whole hell of a lot more endearing to most Pacers fans if instead of conceding James’ dominance with the hand slap, he would have told him to go fuck himself.

Nice guys to cool and all.

But they always get their ass beat.

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Pacers need to go to TIMEOUT

Cryin1 Cryin2Game 5 of the Pacers vs. Wizards series disgusted me some much I kept having to change the channel.

It pains me to watch other thrilling playoff basketball just to see my team get throttled at home.

There was a point in Game 5 where I thought that the refs were calling the game in Washington’s favor.

Then again I kinda felt their calls and non calls with every victimized Pacer reaction.

They looked my 5 and 2 year old sons when things do not go there way.

When they do that, I explain to them that fake crying is NOT they way to get what they want.

If they continue to do so, I send them to their rooms and tell to not come out until they change their attitude.

Maybe it time for these boys to go to their rooms until they change their attitudes.


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The Phartman Report Season VI Show012 RUNDOWN

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Texas News 4 U 2 Abuse

This shit is crazy

Shady Politics 

Grandma killing cop



Oh Hell Naw

The Sun’s long lost sister

Hand holding womb twins

Australian whale rescuer 


Phartman’s Terrified

Kamikaze bird’s frighten me to death

Spa’s scare me

Bear thieves horrify me



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Luis Scola hates liberty and freedom

The Pacers are -10 when his stankin ass is on the court.

Seriously all this guy does is turn the ball over and brick shots hard, creating fast break opportunities for the opposition.

Early this season I was a huge fan of the deal to get him due to his performance in the first half of the year.

He used to be money from 15ft…

Other than 1 game in the Hawks series where he made 3 straight 15ft jumpers from the top of the key he has been more than worthless.

Why the hell is Vogel still playing this ass clown?

It really burns when you look at the trade with Phoenix to get him.

Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green had excellent seasonsscola.

Almost propelling the lowly Suns to the playoffs.

Those two killed Indiana both times they faced Phoenix this past year.

I would much rather see those two guys coming off the bench instead of Scola and Even Turner.

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