Posted by: phartman | December 2, 2009

Scamman: Tech Schools & Flu Shots

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  1. yo, hooosh…i am on the road and my e-mail to you is getting bounced back. i don`t know if i have mis-remembered your e-mail addy or if it`s a fucking verizon conspiracy, but could you please let me know how to reach you again? thanks, cuz i have some important stuff to share. ok, today i will be undergoing an upper gi and ultrasound for hours. i am going to spend that uncomfortable time thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way. yeah, i had some loss of faith after the phils got beat by the new york fucking yankees, but my boys gave me back-to-back league championships! and for that, i am forever thankful. amen. so, in conclusion, KEEP THE FAITH! without faith we have nothing. without friends we are alone. without a team, we have no game.
    later! lorie

  2. I agree with you on the tech schools; they really don’t help add anything truly significant to our society and at most they just take the little money these people have and then pigeonhole them into categories that they can’t even really help them with. I’m sure they blame it on the economy.
    As for the flu shots, I have my suspisions on what they are trying to do. But first, I have some interesting factual information you might appreciate. First, H1N1 is not a particularly special strain of the flu and generally produces mild to moderate illness. The people who have died have not died from the flu directly, but rather for other complications in health or opportunistic diseases like pneumonia (if you want more specific info on this let me know). Second, H1N1 is not the first swine flu strain, there was one in the 70s, and like this one was not that big of a deal. The only difference is they are making a big deal of it today. I think that this whole thing is about inciting fear in people. Bush had the same tactic only with terrorism. This time we are scaring people into submission with disease. The scary thing about this is that unlike terrorism, diseases are not perceived as voluntary threats. They are part of the environment and they are invisible. If this carries on, I think the goal will be to suspend individual right and maybe even go as far as instating martial law (some states have been proposing htese law, ex. Mass.) in response to epidemic threats. This links to the health care reform in its completely obvious (in my opinion) grab for control over people in this country. I do think that many vaccinations are helpful, but I maintain that the use of them should be a personal choice and not dictated to them by the government or even worse pharmacuetical companies. So in conclusion, this flu craze is at least a move by the pharmaceutical companies to make more money and at worst the beginnings of a giant powergrab by our government, which really means the banks.

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