Posted by: phartman | May 26, 2012

The Phartman Report LIVE (Rundown 5/27/12 15:30 central)

Click here to stream the show LIVE 15:30 central

A.      Into- Gimme a Damn Show Open
B.      Greeting- Tease, Shout out Crew
C.     Phartville Video 

D. Texas News 4 U 2 Abuse Open
Po Po Chief on the loose…
More photos
Unemployed Cop
Hispanic racism taste goood…
E. Hawk ft. Big Pokey “Roll up a blunt”

F. Oh Hell Naw Open
Great White Video
Feminizing Kidney stones
A well deserved ticket…
Sasquach Research…
G. X-Zombie Commercial

H. Phartman’s Terrified… Video
Another reason
Dakotians frieghten me!!!
I. Smoke my Kinfolk Commercial

Submerge me with disgust
Piggly Wiggly rampage artist!!!!
70yr old liars
K. Analyize & Criticize POP MUSIC
L. Good Bye

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