Posted by: phartman | June 3, 2012

Phartman Report season III Show 014 Rundown

Click here to watch the show LIVE!!! Sunday’s 3:30pm central.

A.      Intro- Gimme a Damn Show Open
B.      Greeting- Tease, Shout out Crew
C.     Smoke My Kinfolk

D. Texas News 4 U 2 Abuse Open
Flash mob fist job
Don’t not watch your tax dollars produce ridiculously horrible digital art as you get patronize and mentally sodomized by clicking this link
Even APD cruiser’s too aggressive

E. Oh Hell Naw
Poppy Blight
Highless weed
Radioactive bluefin Tuna

F. Phartman’s Terrified
Asteroid Combos scare me
Galactic collisions keep me up at night
Words can not express my fear of wild mustangs

G. You People…
Who eat homeless men faces!!!
Who chop and mail humans…
Who throw intestines puzzle me
H. Analyze and Criticize POP
This piece of crap is hellish
I. Sports Smack Attack
This week me Jacob will talk NBA playoff baxball!!! If there is any time we will speak on NFL draft/free agent moves. Focusing this week on the AFC South and NFC East.
J. Goodbye

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