Posted by: Paul Hartman | July 28, 2012

Season 4 Show003 Live Phartman Report Rundown

Click here to watch the show LIVE!!!
Sunday’s 3:30pm central
Austin, Tx
Channel 16

A. Gimme Damn Show Open
B. Intro, Crew shout out, Tease Upcoming Show
C. MyFoxAustin Bath Salt Package
D. Texas News 4 U 2 Abuse Open
- Granny Drug Lord 4 Lifer
- Punk ass parents get off again
- APD mind tricks
- Fried Titties
- Media declares ATX not cool

E. Oh Hell Naw Open
- Brooklyn Bridge Monster’s
- Boston Green Monster Captured
- Lion vs. Gator
- Sheep Raper
- Cycle riding snake
- UFO Santiago

F. Phartman’s Terrified Open
- Vanishing Penis’ get me flaccid
- Cop Tricks steal my innocence
- Roller coasters are for the bird’s
- God proof impales me with fear
- Jesus crabs crucify me with terror
G. Fun with Dillahunty!!!!
H. Goodbye

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