hiphopklifThis is a compilation of thr best on air and production work I’ve done in my radio career. While at Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket, I had opportunities to do some funny bits and was even able to fill in on a prerecorded show a handfull of times. These are the best of those moments in history.


My boys Ben & Skin asked me to voice this track for a segment open for their show. Enjoy!


While working at the Ticket, I also ran the board for the morning show for their sister station 570KLIF. It was called the Ankarlo Morning Show and here are 2 rejoins I put together for the show.



Ankarlo sent me out to an open forum on the Trans Texas Coridor in downtown Dallas. This is how it turned out.


After moving to Austin and working for News Radio 590KLBJ I was asked to produce a football show that aired once a week during the season. Here are 2 segment opens I produced for that show. The first was about a string of arrests on the Texas football team, and the other is on Terrell Owens.




  1. They’re right, you are great at eliciting responses. Keep your chin up. The rest of world is generally behind about a 100 years of the individual anyways.

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